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About XergY

XergY Business Excellence Pvt Ltd (XergY pronounced as X- ERGY) started as a Lean Six Sigma consulting company in June 2017. Sensing the need to provide Quality training, Training & Certification in Lean Six Sigma became the second vertical in Feb 2018. The IT/ITES team set up in Jan 2019 to develop some of the innovative solutions to solve complex problems & to meet the internal company requirement became the third vertical of the company. Under IT/ITES vertical company provides the whole array of IT & Digital solutions under www.xbe.co.in. Some of the innovative programs like Mentorship, Corporate Belt Programs & Start-up Consulting included in the year 2019.

XergY’s consulting vertical assist organizations to build robust processes, strengthen the quality, enhance customer satisfaction, & deliver within shorter lead-times.

XergY’s Training & Certification help professionals acquire the best knowledge in Lean Six Sigma. A course designed to help participants obtain certification from the top three international recognized certifications bodies Technischer Überwachungsverein (English translation: Technical Inspection Association) South Asia (TÜV SÜD) & The American Society for Quality (ASQ). Simulation enabled Gamified learning helps the participants master the concepts & be able to utilize them at their respective workplaces to drive result-oriented projects. Industry-Specific Course Materials are designed to help participants gain the best knowledge.

XergY provides Placement support for Lean Six Sigma professionals across industries.

Our Vision,
To Solve Complex Problems

Our Mission,
Help Professionals & Organizations Embrace Excellence
Know About the Concept Behind our Name & Logo

Why The Name "XergY"?

XergY, inspired from the expression ‘ExergY of a system’ which is the maximum useful work possible during any process which brings the system into equilibrium, which in line with what XergY as a company would deliver to their clients.

X in the beginning

X is the input variable & an unknown cause needs to be determined during the journey of Lean Six Sigma implementation.

Red arrow

The red arrow at 45 degrees indicates the growth, which XergY would like to deliver to their customers, while the red colour denotes the colour of Master Black Belt that is indicative of ultimate knowledge of Lean Six Sigma.

Blue colour

The Blue colour is linked up with the richness of the sea and the sky. Blue symbolizes depth equating to in-depth knowledge of the founders. Blue also indicates loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and finally blue also indicate quality work.

Top 12 reasons to choose XergY

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Learn from Highly Paid Consultants

Our trainers are our strength, 5/5 testimonies are proof for it. Each of our trainers is a highly paid Lean Six Sigma consultants themselves. Each trainer carries an experience of driving or Mentoring 150+ Lean Six Sigma projects with Millions of dollars savings to some of the leading organisations. Their vast industry experience ranging from Manufacturing, IT, ITes, BPO, BPS Supply Chain, Food Processing, BioScience both in Consulting & Corporate Training is worth listening.


Don't Get Just Certified; Learn to Succeed

Thanks to the humongous experience of our Consultants & their successful journey from Mechanical Engineers to being high paid Lean Six Sigma consultants, it would be worth listening to learn success mantra, which would help you succeed.


Pay After You Pass -100%

Simulation enabled, participative & fun-filled learning would help you learn better. An assessment at the end of each phase would help you pass the exam successfully. In case you fail to clear the evaluation, XergY would take up the responsibility & refund 100% of the training fee.


Learning is by Simulations

Concepts of Lean & Six Sigma are a lot easier when they are taught using simulations or practice sessions. At XergY, we have either simulated or created practice exercises in line with your respective industry scenarios. The simulations and practise exercises help you learn better & help you gain confidence in using the learnings at your respective workplaces.


Opportunity to Earn Your Fee Back

Isn't it a good idea, if we help you earn your 100% fee back and much more than that. Many of our students have received much more than the total cost they paid either being part of XergY or by taking up some of the freelancing assignments. You have the same opportunity to earn and also gain relevant experience.


Industry-Specific Training

Learning Lean Six Sigma concepts would become highly challenging if the examples dealt during the session are not from your respective industry. It is equally essential to learn how concepts apply to other sectors to help you take up a new career if need be. At XergY, you would learn the usage of concepts in Manufacturing, Automotive/Automobile, IT/ITES, BPO etc.


Assistance to Your Projects

Lean Six Sigma is all about practically executing it. We understand you need support while you implement the project. We at XergY provide you with that much needed mentoring support to help you implement the concepts at your workplace. We have handpicked mentors from your respective industry who has implemented 25+ Lean Six Sigma projects in your respective industry.


Scholarship on Your Projects

Along with necessary support in completing projects, we also would incentivise you with discounts of 10 to 50% off on your training fee as a token of appreciation upon completion of a Lean Six Sigma project. Projects must be executed in consultation with XergY’s consultants/trainers within the stipulated time.


Attend Free Refresher Training

We want you to succeed in Lean Six Sigma. We understand you need revisions at periodic intervals, especially when you are executing a project. At XergY, you are free to attend any number of refresher training sessions (classroom/online) at no extra cost.


Real Life Challenging Projects

We provide you with challenging and real-life projects to our Black Belts. While Black Belts own the responsibility of the project execution, Green Belts can be a part of the project. Projects are challenging enough to practice the knowledge acquired during the training and most of the time; projects would be specific to the industry of the participant.


Pay Difference for Higher Certifications

If you have already taken training from XergY and you would like to take up a higher level of certification courses, we would consider it as an integrated course. You need to pay the difference of integrated course fee and the course you already completed.


100% Placement Assistance

Thanks to our Lean Six Sigma consulting experience, that we have built an extensive network of Lean Six Sigma consultants across the world. Our strong credibility in Lean Six Sigma, coupled with our Placement team, would help you get better jobs in the Lean Six Sigma industry.

Know What is Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma

Defining Lean Six Sigma with one definition is difficult. Lean Six Sigma can solve most complex organizational challenges and provide wide varieties of solutions across industries and business functions. Today It has penetrated beyond Manufacturing & Quality. Effectively used Lean Six Sigma can bring forth millions of dollars saved to an establishment with much-reduced effort in comparing with the efforts involved to generate the same worth of net income by sales.

The Most Common Definition of Lean, Six Sigma & Lean Six Sigma Are:

Lean manufacturing or lean production or Lean Management , often simply "lean", is a systematic method for waste elimination or minimisation with an intent to increase process efficiency & productivity.

Six Sigma is a disciplined, statistical-based, data-driven approach and continuous improvement methodology for eliminating defects by reducing variation.

Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects (driving toward six standard deviations between the mean and the nearest specification limit) in any process – from manufacturing to transactional and from product to service.

Six Sigma (6σ) is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. Six Sigma strategies seek to improve the quality of the output of a process by identifying and removing the causes of defects and minimising variability in manufacturing and business processes. It uses a set of quality management methods, mainly empirical, statistical methods.

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation. It combines lean manufacturing/lean enterprise to reduce/eliminate waste and Six Sigma Principles to minimise variation.


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Lean = Accelerate

  • Process Mapping
  • Identify Waste
  • Eliminate Waste
  • Improve continuously

Six Sigma = Accuracy

  • Minimize Process Variation
  • Redesign and Innovate
  • Improve Continuously
  • Achieve Benchmark

Lean Six Sigma = Accelerate Accurately

  • Eliminate Waste
  • Minimize Variation
  • Robust Processes
  • Transform Businesses
Key Benefits

Lean Six Sigma for Professionals

Apart from internationally recognized certification from TÜV SÜD, XergY’s unique Simulation and Gamification enabled Lean Six Sigma training to offer the professionals with an unparalleled understanding of Lean and Six Sigma principles. A team of experts from XergY also mentor’s professionals to effectively utilize these principles in their respective business environment & enable them to work efficiently & progress to be a good Lean Six Sigma consultant based on the interest of the participant. This complete 360° approach allows professionals to Accelerate their career Accurately. XergY’s placement cell will assist professionals with opportunities within XergY and to various corporate.

Enhanced problem solving & Decision making skills
Recession proof career opportunity
Enable accelerated growth to work with leadership teams
Key Benefits

Lean Six Sigma for Businesses

Unique, customized, simple to understand methodologies of XergY help organizations to develop world-class processes and achieve a competitive advantage. Our result-oriented approach ensures you reap the maximum benefits.

Increase your Profit Margins
(20% minimum guaranteed)
Enable cultural change across Organization
Stay ahead of the competition and be a market leader
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