About XergY

If it's Lean Six Sigma, it has to be XergY

About XergY

XergY Business Excellence Pvt Ltd (XergY pronounced as X- ERGY) started as a Lean Six Sigma consulting company in June 2017. Sensing the need to provide Quality training, Training & Certification in Lean Six Sigma became the second vertical in Feb 2018. The IT/ITES team set up in Jan 2019 to develop some of the innovative solutions to solve complex problems & to meet the internal company requirement became the third vertical of the company. Under IT/ITES vertical company provides the whole array of IT & Digital solutions under www.xbe.co.in. Some of the innovative programs like Mentorship, Corporate Belt Programs & Start-up Consulting included in the year 2019.

XergY’s consulting vertical assist organizations to build robust processes, strengthen the quality, enhance customer satisfaction, & deliver within shorter lead-times.

XergY’s Training & Certification help professionals acquire the best knowledge in Lean Six Sigma. A course designed to help participants obtain certification from the top three international recognized certifications bodies Technischer Überwachungsverein (English translation: Technical Inspection Association) South Asia (TÜV SÜD), The American Society for Quality (ASQ) & The International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC). Simulation enabled Gamified learning helps the participants master the concepts & be able to utilize them at their respective workplaces to drive result-oriented projects. Industry-Specific Course Materials are designed to help participants gain the best knowledge.

XergY provides Placement support for Lean Six Sigma professionals across industries.

Know About the Concept Behind our Name & Logo

Why The Name "XergY"?

XergY, inspired from the expression ‘ExergY of a system’ which is the maximum useful work possible during any process which brings the system into equilibrium, which in line with what XergY as a company would deliver to their clients.

X in the beginning

X is the input variable & an unknown cause needs to be determined during the journey of Lean Six Sigma implementation.

Red arrow

The red arrow at 45 degrees indicates the growth, which XergY would like to deliver to their customers, while the red colour denotes the colour of Master Black Belt that is indicative of ultimate knowledge of Lean Six Sigma.

Blue colour

The Blue colour is linked up with the richness of the sea and the sky. Blue symbolizes depth equating to in-depth knowledge of the founders. Blue also indicates loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and finally blue also indicate quality work.

If it is Lean Six Sigma, It has to be XergY. - Our Clients & Participants
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