Consulting & Mentoring


Mentoring is one of the most important differentiators of XergY. Often, participants are given training on Lean Six Sigma and left on their own to apply the concepts in their respective business environment. This leads to either inability to make use of the learning or misapplication of the methodologies learnt. At XergY we have understood this challenge and we know every Lean Six Sigma practitioner needs hand holding during their initial journey and we offer exactly that. We want you to implement the learning and be successful in your career and our Mentors will help you achieve it.

XergY’s mentors not only interpret your business very well, but as well have used Lean Six Sigma to your respective industry or business functions which gives you an advantage to Accelerate your growth Accurately. .


Unique, customized, simple to understand methodologies of XergY help organization to develop world-class processes and achieve a competitive advantage. Our result-oriented approach ensures you reap the maximum benefits. Over the years we have found out that all your business problems may not be solved using Lean Six Sigma, so on need basis, we use concepts from other methodologies to assist you achieve your resolutions.

Our experts can drive result-oriented projects for you from designing to execution to follow-up and ensure you achieve results or we can coach your representative and help them execute projects for you. Our level of involvement is completely customized based on your requirement. .

How we do it?

Understand your Business, Customize Lean Six Sigma Methodologies to align to your Organization’s strategic planning

Customize a training plan & develop the course material

Fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma & Quick fixes are identified & implemented enterprise-wide to stabilize operations and create a foundation to implement Lean Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma methodology is deployed to the critical processes to reduce/eliminate waste & reduce process variations to make them robust

What do you get?

  • Help you Optimize & build robust process

  • Help you strengthen quality levels

  • Help you shorten your lead times

  • Help your customer market you

Industries We Serve