What do we do?

For Individuals

                             Along with classroom training, a XergY team of Lean Six Sigma experts helps you in executing Lean Six Sigma to your processes to make them robust & accurate. XergY training hones your leadership abilities and skills to fast track your career.

For Businesses

                     Our unique, simple to understand methodologies prepare your organization to develop world-class operations and achieve a competitive advantage to lead your industry. Our methodologies are result oriented & we provide a sustainable model to reap long term benefits from your processes.

How we do it?

Understand your Business, Customize Lean Six Sigma Methodologies to align to your Organization’s strategic planning

Customize a training plan & develop the course material

Fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma & Quick fixes are identified & implemented enterprise-wide to stabilize operations and create a foundation to implement Lean Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma methodology is deployed to the critical processes to reduce/eliminate waste & reduce process variations to make them robust

What do you get?

  • Help you Optimize & build robust process

  • Help you strengthen quality levels

  • Help you shorten your lead times

  • Help your customer market you

Industries We Serve