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It’s a start-up era, where creative thinkers are coming together to bring out a new product or offer a new service. Statistics suggest that 9/10 start-ups fail in the very first year and even existing businesses wrap up over a period of time. Lack of profitability is the principal reason for existing businesses to pull down the curtain.

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Leaner & Robust Process Before Industry 4.0

The world is fast embracing Industry 4.0 or I4.0. I4.0 refers to a new revolutionary phase in the industry focus has been on Interconnectivity, Automation, Artificial intelligence, Big data & Machine Learning & IoT. It is also known as Smart Manufacturing.

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Today world is an omni disruptive world. There is a sense of urgency to streamline the way of life we are leading. AI enabled products & services, Deep Learning, IOT, Blockchain, Digital Currencies, Robotics are here & they are going to create a wave of change across.

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Why Does Lean Six Sigma Projects Fail? & Possible Remedies

Time and again there have been numerous examples where organizations have got humongous benefits by implementing Lean Six Sigma. Organizations that have used the Lean Six Sigma methodology have effectively reduced waste, increased profit and enhanced shareholder value.

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The Evolution, Growth and Significance of Lean and Six Sigma

Irrespective of the industry you work in, chances are high that you heard the term ‘process improvement.' This streamlining of the business process is what Lean and Six Sigma is all about. Combined Lean and Six Sigma is a management approach that amplifies the strengths and minimizes the weaknesses of the system.

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Time to Revamp Six Sigma

Six Sigma is very powerful, combined with mighty Lean makes it is even stronger. Six Sigma has produced tremendous results over the years, organization have made humongous benefits by adopting Six Sigma to their culture. A recent trend in Analytics has made Six Sigma take a back seat; many fail to understand that Six Sigma is a package and more than just statistics and it offers a long lasting solution, but we got to adopt series of changes to Six Sigma to be more effective. I am sharing my first line of thoughts (few more are in the pipeline), looking forward to your valuable feedback.

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What Are The Real Benefits Of Lean Six Sigma Certification?

Having six sigma certification in your achievements gives you a powerful boost to your career. Applying the methodologies taught in Six Sigma presents a strong promise to the organization or business you’re involved in. It helps you in solving core management issues and improve efficiency.

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