XergY is a Lean Six Sigma consulting, training & certification institute accredited to TUV SUD, South Asia.

Name XergY

Why the name "XergY" & what does that illustrate?

The name XergY is inspired from the expression ‘ExergY of a System’ which is the maximum useful work possible during any process which brings the system into equilibrium, which in line with what XergY as a company would bring to their customers.

X in the beginning
X is the unknown cause which we need to determine during the journey of Lean Six Sigma practice.

Two Horizontal lines
Two horizontal lines starting from X and ending in Y indicate upper and lower control limits, bringing the flavor of the Control phase of Lean Six Sigma.

Red Arrow
Red Arrow in and at 45 degrees indicates the growth curve, which XergY would like to deliver to their customers, while the red colour denotes the colour of Master Black Belt that is indicative of ultimate knowledge of Lean Six Sigma.

Blue background
The Blue colour is associated with the colour of the ocean, and the Sky. Blue symbolize Depth equating to in-depth knowledge of the partners, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and finally blue also indicate Quality work which is what the three founders were known for in their respective organizations.

Why XergY

Simulation Enabled Learning
Simulation Enabled Learning
Coached by an expert
Coached by an expert

Beyond Certification
Beyond Certification

doHow Gamification
doHow Gamification

Leadership Training
Leadership Training

Project & Placement Assistance
Project & Placement Assistance

Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a methodology for improving business processes with statistical analysis and data. Six Sigma focuses on reducing variations and Lean focuses on eliminating waste. Lean Six Sigma is a proven methodology for increasing productivity, accuracy and customer satisfaction. Lean causes products to move through processes faster, and Six Sigma improves quality. Lean Six Sigma trains you for persistent, unrelenting improvement.

  • 1. Process Mapping

  • 2. Identify Waste

  • 3. Eliminate Waste

  • 4. Improve continuously

  • 1. Minimize Process Variation

  • 2. Redesign and Innovate

  • 3.Improve Continuously

  • 4 .Achieve Benchmark

  • 1. Eliminate Waste

  • 2. Minimize Variation

  • 3. Robust Processes

  • 4. Transform Businesses

Lean Six Sigma For Professionals

Apart from Internationally recognized certification from TÜV SÜD, XergY’s unique Lean Six Sigma Coaching offers the professionals with an unparalleled understanding of Lean and Six Sigma principles. A team of experts from XergY also consults professionals to effectively utilize these principles in a business environment & enable them to work smarter and efficiently. This complete 360o approach enables professionals to Accelerate their career Accurately.

Lean Six Sigma For Businesses

Xergy provides organizations with methods and tools to improve their business processes. Lean Six Sigma methodologies help in improved performance and decreased process variation. Leading to better profit margins, customer satisfaction, uplifted employee morale, and enhanced quality of products or services.